Wind Turbine Design - With Emphasis on Darrieus Concept 



A significant contribution to the development of wind energy is represented by the book Wind Turbine Design - With Emphasis on Darrieus Concept, International Polytechnic Press, June 2002. Unique in its kind worldwide, this book, containing Professor Ion Paraschivoiu's original research over 25 years in the field of wind energy, is of great interest to students in Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering, professional engineers, university professors and researchers, government and industry. It is also useful to all researchers which use theoretical, computational and experimental methods in wind turbine design and wind energy development. This book is also translated in Japanese and has been published in Japan by Index Press in Tokyo.


Development of a simulation environment for the IEC certification of VAWT according to the IEC 61400 standard

The method has been developed according to the specific needs of the certification process and throughout its development, the aerodynamic results of the method have been compared with numerical and experimental data found in the literature. The developed aerodynamic methods are the current state of the art and will be the first of their kind to be applied in the IEC certification context of vertical axis wind turbines. Furthermore to our knowledge the developed tool is the only tool available that is capable of certifying VAWT.

Guangzhou ENGGA Generators Co., Ltd

2MW Vertical Axis Wind Turbine designed by IOPARA Inc. and built by ENGGA in Yangjiang China July 2018.JPG

2 MW Vertical Axis Wind Turbine designed by IOPARA Inc. and built by ENGGA in Yangjiang China, July 2017


ENGGA 2 MW VAWT Design and Optimization

ENGGA 4 MW VAWT Design and Optimization

ENGGA 2 MW VAWT Single Rotor Structural Analysis

ENGGA 2x2 MW VAWT Double Rotor Structural Analysis

Variable Pitch, Aerodynamic Brake Design and Cables Calculation of the ENGGA 2×2 MW Wind Turbine

ENGGA 2x2 MW Two-Bladed Double Rotor Vertical Axis Wind Turbine [aerodynamic and structural analysis]


Mariah Power Inc.


1.2  kW Vertical Axis Wind Turbine of Mariah Power Inc. designed by IOPARA Inc. This VAWT won Innovative Price of USA in 2008 and has been exposed one year in front of Arboretum Museum in Washington DC.

Giromill Darrieus Rotor [aerodynamic performance analysis]


Wind Harvest International Inc.

Aerodynamic Model of the Wind Harvest International Model 1500 Wind Turbine

Aerodynamic Model of the Wind Harvest International 3000 Wind Turbine

Modeling Blade Pitch and Solidities in Straight Bladed VAWTs [CEC Project]


Other Interesting Achievements


Norwegian Ocean Power AS

Preliminary Assessment of the Norcraft Vertical Axis Hydroturbine

Study of the Norwegian Ocean Power Vertical Axis Helical Blades Hydroturbine

NOP Hydrostatic Brake


UrWind Inc. [first VAWT manufacturer to start small wind certification to the AWEA standards]

UrWind 3000 Darrieus Wind Turbine Parametric Analysis and Optimization


Project Supported by the National Research Council Canada - Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP)

New Algorithms for Wind Turbine Performance Prediction and Optimal Design

Algorithm for Aeroelastic and Vibratory Modes of the Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Algorithm for Vertical Axis Water Turbine

An Algorithm for Optimal Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWTs) Wind Farm Design